The Individual Entrepreneur Uralova Valentina Igorevna (hereinafter referred to as the
Contractor), publishes this public offer for the service delivery with the third parties (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) in accordance with the section 2 of the Article No 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1.1. The Offer is this very offer containing all the essential terms, from which the will of the Contractor is seen to conclude the agreement in compliance with the terms specified in this very offer with any person who responds.
1.2. The Contractor's Website is located at
1.3. Offer Acceptance is the Customer's affirmative performance specified in this Offer,
indicating that the person has accepted the terms of the Offer in full, including the actions to fulfill the terms specified in this Offer.
1.4. The Customer is an adult legally capable private individual, self-employed person or legal entity who has concluded the Agreement with the Contractor in written electronic form upon the Offer Acceptance and, thereby, has received the right to receive the Services of the Contractor, and fulfills the obligations under the Agreement.
1.5. The Agreement is this public offer for the service delivery selected by the Customer on the Contractor's Website, concluded between the Contractor and the Customer owing to the Offer Acceptance by the Customer, which gives the Contractor and the Customer the rights and obligations specified in this Public Offer. Any reference of this Offer to the Agreement (the Article of the Agreement) and / or its conditions means a corresponding reference to this Offer and / or its conditions. The Agreement is concluded in writing by generating electronic documents signed with a simple electronic signature of the Customer (by attaching data of the parties owing to the Offer Acceptance, the description of the services provided, etc.).
1.6. The Parties are the Contractor and the Customer, jointly referred to as the Parties to the Agreement.
1.7. Service / Services are the activities of the Contractor related to the delivery of services for the conduction of service design workshops & trainings within the Service Revolution program by providing Customers with the access to the specific sections of the Contractor's Website, or providing access to the content of the Contractor's Website, including conduction of trainings, webinars in person or on-line webinars in real time or in recording. The description of the Services, the terms and cost are available on the Contractor's Website:
1.8. The terms of the Services selected by the Customer become the part of the Agreement.

2.1. This Offer defines all the essential terms of the agreement between the Contractor and the Customer, including the procedure for Contractor's Service Delivery.
2.2. The Offer, as well as the information about the Contractor's Services (the cost, types and terms of the Services) are published on the Contractor's Website.

3.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with the chosen Services (service design trainings within the Service Revolution program).
3.2. The Customer undertakes to pay for the Services in compliance with the terms and in the manner determined by this Agreement. Payment terms may additionally be agreed by the parties by e-mail (the customer specifies the email address when choosing training on the Contractor's Website, the Contractor's email address is


4.1. The proper general acceptance of this Offer in accordance with the Article No 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the payment by the Customer of the Contractor's Services on the terms of 100% prepayment, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer by email.
4.2. The cost of the Services and methods of payment for the Services by the Customer, descriptions of the additional payment possibilities provided by the Contractor and the receipt of the Services are published on the Contractor's Website. By paying for and / or ordering Services, the Customer expresses his full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Offer at the time of payment. The terms of Service Delivery are the part of the Offer.

5.1. The Customer undertakes to:
5.1.1. pay in full for the Services by 100% advance payment prior to the Service Delivery (unless otherwise agreed with the Customer by e-mail);
5.1.2. provide the Contractor with the information (including personal data) necessary for the Contractor to provide the Customer with the Services and fulfill other obligations established by the Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
5.1.3. through his individual effort, monitor the updates of the information posted on the Contractor's Website, including the changes in the terms of Service Delivery, changes to this Agreement and any other materials that are directly or indirectly related to the Service Delivery or affect them. The Customer is deprived of the right to refer to the lack of awareness of these changes, if the changes are posted on the Contractor's Website;
5.1.4. not to reproduce (copy), not to distribute, not to make public, and not to use the results of intellectual activity that become available to the Customer within the Service Delivery.
5.2. The Customer has the right to receive the ordered Service providing the prior payment.
5.3. The Contractor undertakes to arrange and deliver the qualitative Service chosen by the
Customer taking into account the description of the Service.
5.4. The Contractor has the right:
5.4.1. not to allow access to the Services of persons whose data at the time of conclusion of the Agreement do not coincide with the data of persons applying for the Service Delivery immediately before the start of the Service Delivery;
5.4.2. to independently choose the form of the Service Delivery, taking into account the
conditions for the Service Delivery selected by the Customer;
5.4.3. at any time to completely or partially change the description of the Services, taking into account the prior notice of the Customer; such changes and additions take effect immediately after the due notice, which may be sent to the Customer in any form, including, but not limited to, the placement of the due notice on the Contractor's Website and / or otherwise.

6.1. The Customer fully reimburses the losses caused to the Contractor in violation of the terms of the Agreement by the Customer or the third party on whose behalf the Customer concluded the Agreement.
6.2. The Customer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information (including personal data) provided to the Contractor when ordering the Services. In case of the information change (including personal data), the Customer is obliged to notify the Contractor of the changes made within 3 (Three) calendar days from the date of entry into force of the relevant changes, but no later than 3 (Three) days before the start of the Service Delivery. The Customer, independently and in full, bears all the risks associated with the Contractor's lack of relevant
information (including personal data).
6.3. The parties are exempted from the liability for fail or improper fulfillment of their
obligations under the Agreement if proper execution was impossible due to the force majeure circumstances that the parties could not foresee or avoid. At the same time, the force majeure prolongs the period for fulfillment of the obligations by the Parties assumed under the Agreement until the termination of the corresponding force majeure circumstances. If the specified circumstances are valid for more than 30 (Thirty) days, the Parties have the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement.
6.4. After the payment for the Services, but no later than 10 (Ten) days prior to the
commencement of the Service Delivery, the Customer has the right to terminate this Agreement and to demand the return of the paid value of the Services.
6.5. In case of the Customer's refusal from the Services and from the execution of this
Agreement in other terms, the Contractor has the right to withhold expenses incurred for Service Deliver.

7.1. The Customer's claim for non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfilment by the Contractor of its obligations under the Agreement shall be made in paper writing and shall be registered on the day it is received by the Contractor. The claim is attached by the documents necessary for the consideration of the claim, which must indicate the non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfilment of the Contractor's obligations under the Agreement.
7.2. If the Contractor recognizes the claim justified, the identified deficiencies are subject to elimination. The refusal to satisfy the claim must be reasoned. The Customer may be offered to:
7.2.1. get the Service at another time;
7.2.2. get another price-equivalent Service;
7.2.3. get a discount on the Services;
7.2.4. refund the advance payment for the Services.
7.3. All disputes connected directly or indirectly with the Offer and the Agreement concluded as a result of the Offer Acceptance are resolved by the Parties through negotiations. If the resolution of the dispute through negotiations cannot be reached, all disputes are subject to review in court at the location of the Contractor. Compliance with the claim procedure for resolving the dispute by the Customer before applying to the court is mandatory.

8.1. In accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data", as a result of the Offer Acceptance, the Customer gives the Contractor the consent to the collection, storage and processing, including the automated one, of the personal data (hereinafter "Personal Data") of the Customer or the third party for whose behalf the Customer signs a contract (last name, first name, patronymic, address of registration, place of residence, contact numbers, email addresses, payment amounts, Taxpayer Identification Number (INN), Personal Insurance Policy
Number/SNILS) including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (update, change), usage, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, elimination of Personal Data. Processing of Personal Data is carried out in order to conclude the Agreement with the Contractor on the basis of this Offer, any other contracts and their further execution, make settlements with the Customer, make decisions or take other actions causing legal consequences in relation to the Customer or third parties, providing the Customer with information about the Contractor of services, performance of contractual obligations to the third parties, as well as in order to inform the Customer about the changes in terms for Service
Delivery, the terms of the Offer, new products and services developed and / or offered by the Contractor and / or its contractors and partners. Upon acceptance of the Offer, the Customer agrees to receive the advertising information.
8.2. The Consent for the personal data processing is given by the Customer to the Contractor within the time limit for the storage of the relevant information or documents containing the above information, determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, after which it can be revoked by sending a written notice to the Contractor at least 3 (three) months before the withdrawal of the Consent. The withdrawal of the Consent for the personal data processing means a unilateral service termination.


9.1. The Agreement enters into force from the time of the Acceptance of this Offer in the manner prescribed by this Agreement, and is valid for the service delivery time within the obligations to Service Delivery and for other periods if such dates are specified in the Offer (for example, with regard to the consent of personal data processing), or until it is terminated on the grounds provided by this Agreement, including the absence of the technical ability to provide the Services.
9.2. The Customer shall have the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally by sending to the Contractor a written application for the termination no later than 10 (ten) days prior to the commencement of the Service Delivery.

10.1. All claims to the Contractor should be sent by the Customer in writing using courier mail with mandatory identification of the content, or a valuable letter with an inventory of the attachment with return receipt, unless otherwise specified by the terms of the Agreement.
10.2. All other messages and offers, as well as any other documents related to this Agreement, can be sent to the postal and e-mail addresses of the Parties, and are appropriate if the sender can be identified (for example, the letter or message contains the name, email address and contact details of the person) .
10.3. The parties agreed to apply the rules on simple electronic signature to the signing of documents the electronic correspondence contains, considering email addresses specified in the Contractor's details and the Customer's details the order of the Service contains, and equating the simple electronic signature to the analogue of the handwritten signature of the Parties, and electronic documents - to the analogue of paper documents. The parties undertake to keep confidential the keys of their electronic signatures.

Individual Entrepreneur
Uralova Valentina Igorevna
Address: Apartment 94, 78 Moskovskaya Street,
Yekaterinburg, 620102, Russia
Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 665896189484
Primary State Registration Number of Individual Entrepreneur (OGRNIE) 314665816900024
Acc. 408 028 109 380 000 012 27
In PJSC Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
Corr. acc. 30101810400000000225
Russian Central Bank Identification Code (RCBIC) 044525225