INEX Partners service design agency is involved in service strategies' development & company transformation projects' implementation, customer & employee experience formation, the launch of new concepts, projects & services, processes' & innovations' redesign. We teach service design & service thinking as well.

What is service design?
Service design is a complex methodology for quick design and launch of new relevant, user-friendly products & services aimed at internal and external customers. A key service design feature is ideas' generation and testing with and for a user.

Service design practice is very profitable, since money and time are invested into the launch or transformation of the most important user-centered products and services. This not only increases the return on investment, but also reduces the time to market for products and services, as well as the rate of processes' change.

Why service design should be implemented?

Service design methodology implementation provides:
• High-demand products
• Beyond-expectation services
• Efficient business processes
• Engaged employees, who put their ideas into practice & get the result
• Breakthrough solutions and new horizons
• Self-organizing & self-optimizing company with responsible employees

The Program of Academy by INEX
We offer educational program on service design methods, which will acquaint you with service management tools, allowing the companies to become number 1 for users in their industry.

You will discover new opportunities for creating products and services, and building both internal and external processes that will level up & speed up your business.
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